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February 1, 2016: Bulletin 02-2016: Usage Based Insurance Filing Guidelines and Filng Guidelines page updated to link to the new guidelines - effective February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016: AIRB's Filing Guidelines (for Private Passenger and Other than Private Passenger) updated - see List of Changes effective February 1, 2016. The related Frequently Asked Questions have also been updated.

February 1, 2016: Bulletin 01-2016: Approval of 2016 CLEAR Rate Group Tables

February 1, 2016: Notice 01-2016: Semi-annual Review of Industry Experience as of June 2015 for Private Passenger Vehicles and Draft Oliver Wyman Report

February 1, 2016: Board Meeting Schedule added (to be updated yearly).

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Rate Changes

In this section:

  • Filing Decisions - documents that show the insurance company applications that the Board previously dealt with that were implemented during a particular quarter (January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December) and are posted within a of few days following each quarter. It states the company, the nature of the application, how the Board ruled and the date when the company implemented any approved changes.

  • Grid Statistics

  • Annual Industry-Wide Adjustments (prior to July 1, 2014)

About Rate Changes

The Board regulates basic and additional coverage for private passenger, private passenger miscellaneous and commercial vehicles; more specific information can be found on the Board’s mandate.

The rate changes below highlight revisions to insurance company rating programs for private passenger vehicles.

Basic Coverage - Change in Rates over Prior Year

Additional Coverage - Change in Rates over Prior Year