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February 1, 2016: Bulletin 02-2016: Usage Based Insurance Filing Guidelines and Filng Guidelines page updated to link to the new guidelines - effective February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016: AIRB's Filing Guidelines (for Private Passenger and Other than Private Passenger) updated - see List of Changes effective February 1, 2016. The related Frequently Asked Questions have also been updated.

February 1, 2016: Bulletin 01-2016: Approval of 2016 CLEAR Rate Group Tables

February 1, 2016: Notice 01-2016: Semi-annual Review of Industry Experience as of June 2015 for Private Passenger Vehicles and Draft Oliver Wyman Report

February 1, 2016: Board Meeting Schedule added (to be updated yearly).

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Compare Rates

Determining whether an insurance provider is right for you should not be based on cost alone; other factors to consider are whether they offer coverage that meets your specific insurance needs, level of customer service, payment plan options and convenient location and hours of operation.  The AIRB has provided some links to assist you in finding the right provider.

On-line Comparative Quoting Sites

These independent websites can help you to determine what coverage insurance providers offer and the associated premium.


Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers are experienced professionals who represent more than one insurance provider; therefore, they are able to assist in determining how best to meet your needs.  Brokers are available to offer explanations and advice regarding insurance.  Links to various insurance brokers are available at the following website:

Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta

Insurance Providers 

Individual insurance providers’ websites are an excellent resource for automobile insurance related information; some even have on-line quoting systems available.  Links to various Insurance Providers are available on our website.

Comparative Rating Profiles

This interactive comparative rating tool allows consumers to compare premiums for a set of profiles that represent typical insurance customers with the most common coverage.